1. Who sponsors the celebration?

The dinner is put on by the community for the community.  It is supported by donations from businesses, churches, community groups, and individuals.

2. Who is invited to the the celebration?

Everyone is invited!  We are all part of this wonderful community, and that is what we celebrate.  The atmosphere is welcoming and glad.  If you have visitors from another area, they are welcome to join us as well.

3. Why was the celebration started?

We have so many good things to share as family, friends, and neighbors.  The celebration is an opportunity for us to get together, get to know each other better, offer our thanks for what we have, and share a meal.  It is all about community.

4. Can I eat at the dinner without making a donation?

Absolutely!  Donations are welcomed, but not expected.  A donation box will be available the day of the dinner.

5. Who leads the worship service?

The worship service is interdenominational–Protestant and Roman Catholic–and is lead by people from several different churches.

6.  Is carry out available?

The purpose of the dinner is to bring us all together, and we hope it will be your choice to join us in-person.  Recognizing that this is not possible for everyone, and not wanting to exclude anyone, a limited number of carry-out dinners are available.

7.  Who cooks the dinner?

Mostly the volunteers of the CCTCD.  Part of the dinner is cooked by Sparrow Clinton Memorial Hospital.  Some of it is prepared in local restaurants, bakeries, and churches.  The rest is made ready on site in a commercial kitchen.  It is prepared from scratch, with love, and tastes of home.

8. Do you need volunteers?

Our first priority is to have folks come and enjoy the celebration with their family and friends.  Those who feel inclined to volunteer, are, of course, welcome to do so.  It takes a lot of effort to put on this event, and as the saying goes, “many hands make light work.”

9. Must I come to the worship service to eat the dinner?

No.  While we think the worship service is essential to the celebration, we understand that not everyone who desires to share dinner with us will be able to come to the worship service.  You are welcome to participate as you wish.

10. Does the Clinton Community Thanksgiving Celebration and Dinner have a mailing address?

Yes it does.  The address is:

P.O.B 291
St. Johns, MI, 48879

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